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About me

I am an artist working primarily in performance. I do also work in other media, such as video and music, but it always leads back to performance. What both repels me and compels me me about performance is that I can never completely forget its inescapably ideological nature. On the personal level this takes the form of dismay at my own childish exhibitionism. But as much as performance is inescapably ideological, it is also inescapable, and I find that I am driven to it again and again.

My work is nevertheless anti-ideological. In my bachelors dissertation I identified destabilisation of character, location and time as anti-ideological strategies. At the personal level I feel a strong affinity with textile artists who bring the weave itself into consciousness rather than the image on the canvas. I strive for texture, porosity of presence, in my performances.

I am now based in Brussels, but I have previously lived and worked in Cardiff and Vancouver. It was in Cardiff that I studied at UWIC under Anthony Howell. Anthony's theory of performance, starting from the three "primary colours" of stillness, repetition and inconsistency, is central to my own understanding. He also taught me the importance of just setting up the structure and leaving the meaning and the emotion for the spectator to work out, although it took me many years to properly grasp this for myself.