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A lot of artists doodle on paper. I have started doodling on my phone. Last year I joined a drawing class where I tried to draw my face in a mirror, but I couldn't stand it any more so I pointed the phone at the back of my head. That was the origin of Selfies of the Back of my Head in which I have been able to play with the relation between the gaze of the viewer and the gaze of the performer. Then I discovered Photoshop Touch and so came Monstrous Selfies. Monstrous Selfies is produced entirely on my phone. Interestingly for me, I find that I am returning to a strategy I have tried to employ in my performance work of using texture to weaken the coherence of the performer's persona.

I have chosen to work on these doodles via social media rather than privately because I really am not one of those artists who works best in isolation.

Please also have a listen to my music. Of course it's just rock and roll. Rock and roll and performance art, sometimes I find it hard to tell the difference.

Selfies of the Back of my Head

Monstrous Selfies

Rock and Roll